Oral presentation

Please prepare for an on-site presentation.
Oral presenters will be given 25 minutes of presentation time including Q&A.
(Be sure to include a 5-minute Q&A time.)
Presentation materials must be prepared in English *.PPT or *.PDF files.
Be sure to upload file to the Secretariat Drive (https://works.do/xkH2jHq) by October 18th.

For Overseas Oral Speakers who are unable to enter due to COVID-19 etc., please upload the recorded lecture video file to the Secretariat Drive (https://works.do/GzOx7Om) by October 18th. Also, you must attend the lecture in real time to respond to the Q&A.

Interactive Poster presentation

  • Each poster will be assigned a panel, which has its own paper’s number, at the poster room.
  • Each poster should include the Paper Title, Authors, Affiliation, and Paper Number and must fit within a 1m (Width) x 1.8m (Height) space.
  • The poster text including the paper title should be printed and enlarged, so that it can be read from a distance of at least 2 meters.
  • Poster presenters must pre-attach their poster images so that attendees can preview them.
  • Please remove your poster after all session is ended. All remaining posters will be discarded. The materials such as some scissors and tapes will be provided in Poster Session Place.